For those of you who don't already know, Nanowrimo, that is National Novel Writing Month, is an annual challenge to write 50,000 words of fiction in one 30 day month. Originally only in November, the Camp Nanowrimo program has spread the event to June and August as well. To give the participants a little more motivation, Angrykittykj came up with the great idea of having badges for the participants in Camp Nanowrimo to earn through achievements in writing and participation in the Nanowrimo community. This site is to serve as a place for anyone who would like to earn these badges to view the current list, get images of the badges they've earned, share with everyone when they have earned one, and get any questions or ideas they might have about the badges answered. I hope you enjoy. :)


On these pages you will find details and rules for what exactly needs to be done in order to earn each of the badges developed and compiled by the lovely people on the Nanowrimo forums, but to use a famous quote, they're more like guidelines than actual rules. They are for people who like to know exactly what is needed and when, people like me who like to have rules to follow for things like this. If this is not you, then don't worry about them. Like the actual Nanowrimo event, these badges are a matter of personal accomplishment, and if you do not need to follow the rules I typed up in order to feel accomplished, then feel free to interpret the badges as you see best. There are a few places in here where it is implied that not doing things according to what's written there is cheating. I can assure you that this is due entirely to laziness on my part, specifically being too lazy to think of a better way of putting it. If you feel like you deserve the badges you award yourself, then you do. The only way you can possibly cheat here is if you feel like you are cheating yourself. Just like the wonderful Office of Letters and Light, we not only accept rebels here, we encourage them. Seriously, we even have a few badges just for you guys.

Sweet Dreams

This badge is earned by writing at least a thousand words in bed. Bring the notebook or the netbook, snuggle up with blanket and pillows, or kick them all on the floor. But write 1000 words on top of your mattress. Or whatever it is you prefer to sleep on.
This badge can be earned with or without any other badge, and can be earned at any time during the Nanowrimo event of your choice. June, August or November.

Idea by Clixe. Image by that annoying person. More image by Mayasennara.


  1. I often take a book to bed with me. The only difference this time is that it's not a book I'm reading, it's a book I'm writing.

    My little netbook has taken to living on my night-stand.

  2. Earned this one on the second day. I stayed up till about 3am writing and then went straight to bed.

    1. I meant to put this comment on a different one >< Here's to me not paying attention. I earned this badge on the first day. I usually like to write sitting in bed.

  3. Got it! My username is StrawberryAutopsy on the NaNo Website. Be sure to check out our nano tinychat (!

  4. Badge earned! Being sick definitely helped with this one!

  5. Got it! :D

    (All of my 5K so far has been written in bed. ;) )